Equipment Validation

Are you looking for a turnkey solution for the C&Q and Equipment Validation part of your project?

Whether you are building or renovating and need to get your equipment, HVAC, or building management system right: QbD is here to help!

From simple to more complex equipment and systems, QbD offers a flexible and customized solution

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Equipment Validation - Quality by Design

C&Q and Equipment Validation services


QbD Group can offer you turnkey solutions for:

  • Design: from URS to specifications.
  • Commissioning/Qualification: from building your traceability matrix, building your IQOQ protocols, to, of course, execution on the work floor.
  • Performance Qualification: from defining PQ scenarios and building your PQ protocols, to execution on the work floor.

QbD Group offers a complete solution for all these components:

  • Analysis of your needs
  • Management in project mode, clear deliverables for a clear budget
  • QbD Experts to provide you with the necessary support according to your needs

This results in less complex projects, simpler management, and clear deliverables for a clear schedule and budget.” 

“During the qualification portion of your project, clear and pragmatic project direction and execution are the first steps to a well-executed project. 

Our expert support enables you to reduce the overall cost of your project. Pragmatism, right first time, and leverage are part of our DNA. “ 

What is Equipment Validation?

Equipment Validation is the process of ensuring that machinery, instruments, or systems used in production, testing, or any other processes consistently perform as intended. 

It includes documented activities to prove that equipment operates within set specifications and delivers reliable results. 

Why is Equipment Validation Essential?

  • Product quality: Equipment validation is not merely a regulatory requirement but a fundamental practice for ensuring product quality, consistency, and compliance. 
  • Regulatory compliance: Validating your equipment ensures that your products meet quality standards and regulatory requirements, reducing the risk of defects or non-compliance. 
  • Operational efficiency: A validated equipment guarantees consistent performance, reduces output variations, and preserves the integrity of your product. 
  • Risk mitigation: Validation identifies and mitigates potential risks associated with equipment malfunction or inadequate performance, safeguarding both the products and the personnel. 
  • Cost savings: Proactively validating your equipment helps avoid costly downtime, rework, and product recalls associated with faulty machinery. 

Our Approach to Equipment Validation:

At QbD Group we understand the critical role equipment validation plays in ensuring product quality and compliance. Our experienced team employs industry best practices and regulatory guidelines to execute thorough validation activities tailored to your specific needs. From simple to more complex equipment and systems, QbD Group offers aflexible and customized solution! 

Description: ​

  • IQ – Installation Qualification: 

    Installation Qualification (IQ) focuses on verifying that equipment is correctly installed and configured according to manufacturer specifications and regulatory requirements.  

    It requires thorough inspections to confirm that all components are correctly positioned, connected, and calibrated, preparing the way for future testing stages. 

    IQ provides assurance that the equipment is physically set up to function as intended, forming the foundation for further validation activities. 

    OQ – Operational Qualification: 

    Operational Qualification (OQ) verifies that equipment functions as intended under operational conditions. Through rigorous testing, we confirm that the equipment consistently delivers accurate results, meeting performance criteria and regulatory requirements. 

    PQ – Performance Qualification:  

    Performance Qualification (PQ) takes the validation process a step further by assessing how the equipment performs under actual or simulated production conditions. Unlike IQ and OQ, which primarily confirms the installation’s adequacy, PQ evaluates the equipment’s ability to consistently meet predetermined performance criteria.  

    In this step, thorough tests are done to make sure the equipment can give accurate, dependable results in real situations. This shows that the equipment can perform well and consistently deliver reliable outcomes. 

Why QbD Group?


During the C&Q portion of your project, clear and pragmatic project direction and execution are the first steps to a well-executed project.

Our expert support enables you to reduce the overall cost of your project. Pragmatism, right first time, and leverage are part of our DNA. 

Equipment Validation - Quality by Design

Tailored solutions


You can choose a fully turnkey solution with project management by QbD, or a hybrid solution where the project management is done by your company and the rest is managed by QbD.

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