Our values


At QbD, we have well-defined values we live and work by. Values that can be abbreviated as JPEG. 

This has nothing to do with a digital file format, but everything with guiding principles that we put into practice every day. 

Here’s what they represent and what our colleagues and clients say about them.

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Joy - Our values - JPEG - QbD Group


A job well done is a joy forever! That might as well be our motto at QbD. We love what we do, every minute of the day. “We enjoy our work, and always strive to make a difference for our clients.” 

Business aside, we also get great joy out of all the other things that define working at QbD: team spirit, friendship, shared happiness. 

Ask our colleagues and clients: there’s always a good reason to celebrate at QbD. It’s this vibe that gives us energy.

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Alone, you can do something. Together, we can do everything. That’s why QbD continuously invests in partnerships between people, companies and sectors. 

By doing so, we build networks that enable a better future for all. Being a trustworthy partner ourselves, we are ready and able to team up with you. Because we’re in this together.

Extra mile - Our values - JPEG - QbD Group

Extra mile

When it comes to ensuring quality, there is no halfway. At least, that’s how we see it at QbD. That’s why we never settle for solutions that are ‘good enough‘. 

Because this attitude leads to mediocracy. We want to take every solution a step further. That smile on our face? It’s an expression of our resolve to go where no one has gone before.

Getting things done - Our values - JPEG - QbD Group

Getting things done

Of course, we thoroughly analyze the whole process, focused on improving quality wherever we go. But true to our hands-on spirit, we always put our money where our mouth is. 

After all, problems won’t solve themselves, right? That’s why we firmly sink our teeth into every challenge. And we won’t let go until the job is done.

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