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QbD Group’s Business & Communications division is comprised of expert strategists, scientists, communicators, and creatives.

Whether you’re a part of an innovative startup or an established player, our unique approach will ensure that your company has the best chance of being seen and understood by your target audience: prospects, clients, investors, partners, and more.

We can be your sounding board, or even an extension of your team, to ensure that your innovative idea, ground-breaking product, or stellar service receives the strategy, funding, and visibility it deserves to optimize your chances of commercial success.

We don’t just consult; we also help you implement.

Our Business & Communications Services

We understand that every business will have different needs and in-house capabilities, and is at different stages of development. Therefore, we place great value on the initial familiarization phase. This is what allows us to tailor all of our subsequent services according to your specific requirements.

Our full process includes the following steps:

1. Familiarize

Through an interactive dialogue and our own research, we get to know your business, product, or service with the aim of understanding your goals and what might stand in your way. We also investigate the market dynamics to gain insight into what works and how the market responds to various approaches. This allows us to find opportunities for your USPs and gain a high-level understanding of how best to address the market. The first deliverables that you will see from our full package are solid strategies: business, marketing, and commercial. These define where you are, where you want to be, and how to get there.


2. Strategize

We use this knowledge to create a tailored business and communications strategy to pave your way to business success and make sure your voice is heard. The key to this process is defining the right value proposition and positioning your company in the correct way.

To this end, we help you define a well-formulated value proposition, go-to-market plan, and provide an effective sales force if appropriate. In addition, we can develop a distinctive brand identity and commercial strategy that will help you reach your audience and achieve your business goals.

3. Create

Once we have a thorough understanding of your company’s goals and position, we can start creating relevant and compelling content to attract attention, nurture your audience’s interest, and convert them into actionable leads. This can include a website, presentations, brochures, videos, anything that will help you stand out in a way that appeals to your target audience.

4. Connect

When the assets have been created and the sales strategy defined, we will help you drive your target audience towards them and clear the path for the sales efforts. Our aim here is to send unqualified leads to the communication channels where we can start engaging, nurturing, and turning them into qualified leads to give sales the greatest chance of success.

What sets us apart from similar agencies is that we don’t stop there.

We constantly monitor the performance of our strategy and outreach via key performance indicators (KPIs) relevant to your current stage of business development, such as: lead generation, website visitors, social media engagement, investor interest, and sales results. This allows us to fine-tune our approach, adapting the value proposition and strategy as necessary to ensure you get the optimal results.

What you can expect from us at each stage

Why QBD Group?


QbD supports companies worldwide in the life sciences throughout the entire product lifecycle, from idea to patient.

With more than 500 experts, including expert strategists, scientists, communicators, and creatives, QbD is your partner for commercialization advice and support.

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