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Qualification & Validation - Quality by Design

What are Validation & Qualification?

In any life science industry, people, equipment, systems and/or software are needed to manufacture and process products.

All of these must be qualified: the manufacturer needs to prove that everything is installed correctly, works properly, and meets specified requirements.

Then, the process as a whole must be validated to ensure that the manufacturer will consistently produce a product that meets certain specifications.

Importance of Validation & Qualification

Through validation & qualification, life science companies guarantee their products meet quality demands and comply with regulations to ensure patient safety.

That’s why each quality control process in the life sciences, healthcare and cosmetics industries needs to contain a certain validation & qualification aspect.

Validation & Qualification jobs and career paths

Career paths and career opportunities within Validation and Qualification depend greatly on the company you work for and the position you hold.

In large companies, for example, there’s often a variety of ranks, such as Validation Officer/Engineer, Senior Validation Officer/Engineer, Validation Coordinator/Lead, Validation Manager…

Starting as a Validation Officer, you may also progress to a QA-related role, where you will be responsible for the follow-up/review of validation files/projects. In that case, there may be some overlap between disciplines.

«When dealing with validation projects you are often involved in the whole cycle: purchase, design, installation, setting of specifications, testing and thus need a thorough understanding of the system dealt with. This makes every validation project a challenge!«

Frederick Tison, Validation Expert at QbD

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