The basic concepts of the QbD methodology

In this free workshop, Filip, together with Andrea Di Luca, Ph.D. in Regenerative medicine and Team Leader of the ATMP core team at QbD, and Evan Claes, expert in the application of Quality-by-Design principles, will explain the basic concepts of QbD methodology and they’ll showcase a practical case


3:30 – Basic concepts of the Quality by Design Methodology
9:18 – Main struggles of process optimization
22:12 – Practical Case – Scilife
53:00 – Q&A session

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Here's what you'll learn

Basic concepts of QbD and the main struggles of process optimization

Practical demonstration of the Scilife Quality by Design solution

Listen to two QbD experts and benefit from their expertise


Filip Heitbrink

CEO at Scilife

Evan Claes

ATMP Bioprocess & Data Architect at Antleron

Andrea Di Luca

Team Leader of the ATMP core team at QbD

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