Set fire to your QbD career as a business developer

QbD is not only the perfect place to start your career, but also to build it.

A great opportunity

At QbD, we know that our own consultants make the best business developers. And QbD is not only the perfect place to start your career, but also to build it.

The perfect examples are Dominiek Rossillion and Wim Steenackers, both former QbD consultants who are now dev-ing some serious bizz in Belgium and beyond.

And we want nothing more than to see that happen with this new job opening as well.

Cheeky as we are, we asked the boys to do the convincing for us, and they were more than happy to. 

So hear them out…

For Wim, a bizdev role has proven to be a stepping stone towards even greater things: a role as Sales Manager Europe.

Wim Steenackers

Sales manager europe

When I first applied for a sales role, Bart told me in all honesty I wasn’t quite ready yet. And he was right. But not very long after that, we talked again, and set out a clear and patient path towards my ambition. During the whole process, I learned both by watching and doing, and was always pushed out of my comfort zone in just the right way: not too much, and not too little. So if you want my advice: if you have doubts about being ready for a next step, just start the conversation and see what happens. But no matter what, since a sales role at QbD requires in-depth industry knowledge, your experience as a consultant definitely gives you the advantage. Just go for it.

“Your experience as a consultant definitely gives you the advantage. Just go for it.”

Meanwhile, Dominiek joined the sales team about a year ago, after eight years of QbD consultancy and project management:

Dominiek Rossillion

Business Development Manager

As a QbD consultant, all you really need is a bit of commercial flair to become great at business development. Seven years ago, with the experience of consultancy at about 20 QbD clients in my backpack, I just knew that the time was right to make the jump. The QbD management immediately had faith in me and made sure I got the right guidance and follow-up. And I’m so happy I jumped: I loved my job as a consultant, but in my new role I get to experience the overall richness of our life sciences industry while I’m building a huge network. Being able to wheel in fantastic projects, and hearing how much our consultants appreciate it, is also very rewarding.

What do we expect?

You know how to convince new clients of the added value of our services as a knowledge and project organization

You expand existing client relationships and are their permanent go-to person

You expand your network within life science by taking an active role in the sector

You have an entrepreneurial spirit, tackle problems, and are able to communicate convincingly and authentically

Besides an external network, you also build your internal network within the organization

Convinced? Interested?
Or simply curious?

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