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Software implementations are essential for modern life science organizations to stay competitive in a fast-paced digital world. Whether it’s implementing new software solutions or upgrading existing ones, the success of any implementation project depends on proper planning, execution, and validation.

Our team of software experts has the knowledge and experience necessary to ensure that your implementation project is successful, compliant, and meets the needs of your organization. Don’t hesitate to contact us for more information on how we can help you implement new software solutions and upgrade your existing ones.

Software Implementation - QbD Group

What is Software Implementation?


Software implementation is the process of adopting and integrating a software application into a business workflow. At the QbD Group, we understand that every company has unique processes and workflows, which is why we help you translate your way of working (process) to the selection and configuration of the software.

This is particularly important for software used in pharmaceutical environments, which needs to be validated to ensure compliance with the latest regulations.

We specialize in bridging the gap between implementing systems, whether they are the systems we offer (IFUCare, Scilife) or other QMS, DMS, LMS, ERP, MES, WMS, etcetera, and ensuring that the software is tailored to the specific needs of our clients in the clinical and pharmaceutical environments.

We also provide software implementation services for non-product software in the medical device and in vitro diagnostic device industries.

We believe that a system is only as good as it can support the company’s process or way of working, and we strive to ensure that the software solutions we implement align with your unique workflows and processes, without sacrificing efficiency or compliance.

Why QbD Group?


By choosing the QbD Group for your software implementation needs, you’ll benefit from working with a single company that can support you from idea to patient, regardless of your industry or the specific software you need to implement.

Our expertise in the clinical and pharmaceutical environments allows us to help you close the gap in implementing systems and ensure that your software solution is efficient, compliant, and effective.

When it comes to software implementation, we offer you several options. You can try to figure it out yourself, rely on the software supplier, or reach out to an integrator.

However, working with QbD means you have access to a team of experts who understand your industry, your processes, and your specific needs. We provide personalized assistance and support every step of the way.

Our way of working


Our software implementation process starts with an investigation of your current processes and the desired outcome.

We assess various systems to see how they meet your expectations and select the best fit for your organization.

From there, we assist in configuring and setting up the system to ensure a smooth and successful implementation.

Contact us


Don’t hesitate to contact us so we can listen to your needs and provide you with the right software implementation services.

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