Tech Transfer

Tech Transfer is a vital process in translating innovation into real-world applications, driving economic growth, and fostering collaboration and innovation.  

Our experienced QbD Group team offers comprehensive support, from technology evaluation and documentation to process optimization and training, ensuring a smooth transition and successful implementation. 

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Tech transfer

What is Tech Transfer?


Bringing a new product or drug onto the market, outsourcing your production or relocating it: it all takes a lot of effort and time and any delay might result in loss of income. An efficient transfer of technologies between all parties involved can speed up these processes. Technology Transfer refers to the process of transferring knowledge, technologies, or processes from one organization to another entity. It involves transferring not only the technical aspects but also the associated intellectual property, documentation, and expertise required to effectively utilize and replicate the technology or process.  

QbD helps you to transfer technologies successfully in many different circumstances. 

  • Mergers and Acquisitions 
    During a merger between companies or the acquisition of one company by another, the transfer of information from one company to another is required. 
  • Outsourcing 
    An outsourcing process always involves a transfer of technological expertise, processes, assets, and sometimes even employees. 
  • Spin-offs 
    It’s important for spin-offs to focus not only on research and development, but also on other aspects such as technology transfer. 

QbD’s Tech Transfer Services ​

A tech transfer process involves a lengthy list of action points and checks. By focusing on the right 20 percent, you already have 80 percent of your project on track. Our Lean Technology Transfer Framework offers strong support in ensuring legal compliance, helps you set the right priorities and avoid pitfalls. It allows your transfer process to proceed much more efficiently and rapidly. Our experts are ready to provide advice on data exchange, validation, registration and more. 

Overall, QbD’s services and expertise cover all four phases in technology transfer. 

Phase 1. Duties and responsibilities 

This phase deals with project preparation and focuses on both the legal and organizational aspects. 


Phase 2. Data exchange 

All parties now determine which information they will exchange. In this phase, QbD provides a tech transfer checklist, the right templates and tailored advice. 

Phase 3. Testing and process validation 

The receiver analyses the process of the sender, aligns it with its own procedures and equipment, and validates it. This is where QbD’s validation experts come in. 

Phase 4. Registration dossier and lessons learned 

All information is assembled for the registration dossier. QbD’s tech transfer checklist includes the various points of interest during this phase. During this phase, you always need to keep the regulatory part in mind. QbD Group can help you with regulatory advice. 

Why is Tech Transfer Important?

  • Innovation Adoption: Tech Transfer facilitates the adoption and utilization of innovative technologies or processes by enabling their transfer from research or development settings to commercial or industrial applications. 
  • Commercialization: It plays a crucial role in bringing new products, processes, or technologies to market by transferring them from the development stage to commercial production or use. 
  • Collaboration and Partnerships: Tech Transfer fosters collaboration and partnerships between different organizations by facilitating the exchange of knowledge and expertise. 
  • Economic Growth: It contributes to economic growth and competitiveness by supporting the development and commercialization of new technologies, driving innovation, and creating new business opportunities. 

Why QbD Group?


During the C&Q portion of your project, clear and pragmatic project direction and execution are the first steps to a well-executed project.

Our expert support enables you to reduce the overall cost of your project. Pragmatism, right first time, and leverage are part of our DNA. 

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Tailored solutions


You can choose a fully turnkey solution with project management by QbD, or a hybrid solution where the project management is done by your company and the rest is managed by QbD.

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