Environmental Monitoring Services

Looking for expert environmental monitoring services? Quercus – part of the QbD Group –  can support you in the validation and qualification of your cleanrooms.

We can write protocols and reports according to GMP, advise on best practices. We also have a team of micro-sample analysts who can come to your facility to take active air samples, count particle counts, take swabs, etc.

Quercus has specialized equipment for measuring compressed gases, which is an increasingly important issue in regulatory inspections. 

Don’t hesitate to contact us for more information about our environmental monitoring services.

Environmental monitoring services - Services - QbD

Parte de QbD Group

Este servicio está respaldado por Quercus

What is Environmental Monitoring?


Pharmaceutical standards require that the environment of packaging and manufacturing operations be qualified and monitored.

Environmental monitoring helps to ensure that there is no contamination from the environment during the production of medicines. 

Quercus can advise you on best practices in environmental monitoring, but can also perform the measurements themselves. 

Customers who prefer to take the samples in-house can send the microtiter plates to our laboratory for incubation and readout as needed.

Purified water samples can be sent to our laboratory for a complete European Pharmacopoeia analysis, including total organic carbon (TOC), conductivity, or endotoxins.

Why QbD Group ?


Quercus is a contract service lab with trained microbiology samplers who use qualified and calibrated monitoring equipment, and who can come on-site for environmental monitoring services. 

Quercus holds a GMP license and is inspected by the Belgian FAGGMany pharmaceutical manufacturers rely on the environmental services of QbD Quercus to qualify and inspect their cleanrooms and compressed air systems. 

We ensure that you meet industry best practices.

Environmental monitoring services - Services - QbD

Outsource your monitoring


You can outsource your entire environmental monitoring needs to Quercus, or you can ask for help during busy periods, for example during a renovation or construction of a new production facility.

Once we receive a request for analysis, you will receive a detailed quote and a lead time for reporting the analysis results.

Contact us


Don’t hesitate to contact us so we can listen to your needs and provide you with the right environmental monitoring services.

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