Clinical Training

At QbD Clinical, we take pride in passing on our expertise to our colleagues, clients and partners. We open up our internal training program to external trainees as well. Upon request, we can also discuss the possibilities to roll out a customized training program for our clients, in accordance with their specific needs.

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Our Clinical Training programs


At QbD Clinical, we want to pass on our expertise to our clients and partners. 

That’s why we offer clinical training and coaching for companies, small groups, and individuals.

Training programs offer many benefits to your company. They not only improve company culture but also:

  • improve employee performance
  • increase the productivity of your employees
  • reduce employee turnover

Some of these training programs include: Audits, GMP, GDP, System Validation/Qualification, Data Integrity, Technical Writing, …

We also offer a broad portfolio of clinical training courses based on the competency-based training model developed by the Multi-Regional Clinical Trials Initiative (MRCT) at HARVARD University.

In addition to our standard training courses, it is also possible to put together a customized training program in accordance with your needs.

Clinical training - Services - QbD
Training portfolio
  • ICH-GCP E6
  • ISO14155
  • MDR
  • IVDR
  • EU-CTR
  • CRA (junior and advanced) training
  • Project Management (junior and advanced) training

Why QbD Clinical?

  • The training is tailored to your company and individual needs.
  • We are flexible in terms of time and location.
  • You can choose between training in English or Dutch.
  • Classroom training, face to face sessions and live online training sessions.
  • Possibility to record the sessions to have them available for your team afterwards.
  • You get a price reduction when you participate with five or more participants.
  • Our training sessions are logged in our Learning Management System (LMS system) where your training profile and certificates are maintained. In addition, our LMS system can be customized to meet your needs and is available for sublicensing.
  • The Flemish government supports your training if you are an employee in an SME (small to medium-sized enterprise), located in the Flemish region, Belgium. We are a registered training provider for both GCP, regulatory and technical skills, and soft skills training.
Clinical training - Services - QbD

Custom Clinical Training


Upon request and in collaboration with you, we develop specific clinical research training programs. 

We can also adapt our existing courses to all types of clinical research positions and experience levels to meet client learning objectives.

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