Clinical Expert Services

Are you looking for a clinical research professional to support your clinical study?

QbD Clinical has an expert team of knowledgeable clinical research associates, clinical project managers, and other clinical research professionals who will support your clinical study in line with all requirements and regulations.

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Clinical Staffing Solutions

What are Clinical Expert Services?


Due to ever changing resourcing needs during the clinical development phase, a temporary staffing solution is a flexible option for our clients to overcome this burden when managing projects in-house.

During clinical studies, data are collected to confirm the safety and effectiveness of investigational products before they enter the market, or to collect long-term safety data after the initial regulatory approval.

As these studies are taking place with human subjects, the execution needs to happen in a well-regulated environment with many stakeholders involved.

Our team of clinical research professionals and subject matter experts has the required skills and expertise to ensure that the rights, safety, and welfare of the human subjects involved are protected throughout each step of your clinical study and that the collected data are clean and reliable.

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Why QbD Clinical?


As each clinical study is different, it is important to find the right profile for your needs. QbD Clinical has a large pool of clinical research professionals and subject matter experts.

It is our mission to match the right clinical research professional with your exact needs, ensuring that your clinical study is conducted within the anticipated timelines and meets the required level of quality.

By consulting our clinical research professionals, you can have the flexible support you need while conduting your clinical study, wherever in the world it takes place.

Our Clinical Expert Services

Tailored and flexible services

  • Therapeutic area expertise
  • Global coverage
  • Consultancy and FSP Solutions
  • Short- and long-term assignments

Our clinical profiles

  • Clinical trial assistant (CTA)
  • Clinical research associate (CRA)
  • Clinical project manager (CPM)
  • Etc.

Client case: Clinical FSP Solutions


QbD Clinical can help you optimize your resource management with our Functional Service Provider (FSP) solutions. 

This offers you flexibility and scalability with functional expertise and resource management. Find out more about the QbD Clinical FSP solutions in this case study:

At QBD Clinical, we know that clinical trials cost time, money, and resources. These resources are not necessarily readily available at your company. Moreover, your employees might not be experienced in running clinical trials and need to focus on your core business.

Clinical trials might not be part of that core business but merely a step in the development of your product, and hence, only temporary resources would be required to address a peak in the workload. Having a dedicated clinical trial team on your payroll might be one step too far.

QbD Clinical offers the service of Functional Outsourcing. The concept of this service is to provide you with the necessary human resources of one or more functions, required for the conduct of the clinical trial (e.g., CRA, CTA, PM, etc.), while following your own processes, like your company’s SOPs. We keep the resources on our payroll and foresee functional management, and they work for you to run the clinical trial under your supervision.

In this way, the operational cost remains controllable, as you are only paying for the time the resources are required to work for you; you have access to fully trained and experienced personnel, increasing the quality of the clinical trial; you can keep full oversight of the clinical trial to the extent you prefer; and time will be saved since they know exactly what to do, also only requiring the minimal product training.

A success story that we are proud of, involves the outsourcing of 11 functions to a sponsor in need of resources to run 4 different clinical trials in order to get data on safety and performance for their devices pre- and post-market.

For more than 4 years, the QbD Clinical employees have been fully dedicated to this client (either half or full-time) and successfully managed the trials to reach the goals within time.

Two projects are currently still ongoing, with the same dedicated team. Feedback from this client was that they are very lucky to have such an experienced team of project managers and CRAs to work with, and even more impressive that they remained dedicated to them for all this time, without any turnover of personnel.

If your company aims to run successful clinical trials, QbD Clinical can partner with you as a Functional Service Provider, tailored to your needs.

Client case Clinical FSP solutions_

Custom Clinical Expert Services


Because every clinical trial is different, QbD Clinical understands that your resource needs may be unique. Understanding what solution you are looking for will help us find the right profile for your specific need.

Contact us


Please do not hesitate to contact us if you are in need of a clinical research professional to support your clinical trial.

During a brief introductory meeting, we can exchange information so that we can then provide you with a customized solution.

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