The average cost for successfully launching a product onto the market has soared – sometimes by 25 percent per annum or more – and yet many companies in the life sciences, healthcare and cosmetics industries see a drop in their net returns. The reason? Manufacturers are moving their production activities to low cost labour countries. Besides, many organisations view their Research and Development productivity as their Achilles’ heel.

It’s no surprise that more and more companies are seeking refuge in outsourcing. For example, they are joining forces with smaller contract research organisations (CROs) and knowledge centres to outsource at least part of their preclinical and clinical research. More than 75 percent of all breakthroughs stem from small Research and Development companies, despite large pharmaceutical companies having much larger budgets at their disposal.

QbD advises companies – both small and large – on efficient and cost-conscious outsourcing. The outsourcing process always involves a certain transfer of documented technological expertise, processes, assets and sometimes, even employees between your company and another external party. Our Lean Technology Transfer Framework bridges the gap between these two parties and guarantees a successful outsourcing process, whether it includes foreign or domestic contracting. We will guide you with the implementation of an approach for tech transfer based on scenarios and templates, and offer strong support with ensuring legal compliance. The result? You are able to set the right priorities, avoid any pitfalls and proceed with your transfer process much more efficiently and speedily.