It’s a common phenomenon in the life sciences industry: large companies are dealing with a surplus of productive capacity. Companies are able to produce more and more products in a certain time. Combined with the fact that the Research and Development of life sciences companies often produces too few new products, this leads to plenty of mergers and acquisitions within the industry.

During a merger between companies or the acquisition of one company by another, the transfer from information from one company to another is required. This includes information on knowledge, skills, technologies and methodologies: everything to guarantee that the production process of a product runs smoothly.

QbD supports companies during mergers and acquisitions using our Lean Technology Transfer Framework. This framework serves as a lingua franca between two or more companies. Among others, it consists of checklists to take the right steps at the right time during a merger or acquisition, processes for both companies in collecting the required information, and an overview of relevant technologies and legislation that companies need to bear in mind. In short, the framework ensures companies produce compliant products rapidly, even during or after a merger or acquisition.