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Meet QbD Ambassador and Validation Engineer Marijn Bollema

At the QbD Group, the opinion of our employees matters. Therefore, we formed a Board of Ambassadors to represent the voice of all QbD’ers, within and outside of the group. Marijn Bollema has been elected as one of our Ambassadors for 2022. Congrats! As an Ambassador, Marijn wants to show the world what it’s like to be a true QbD’er. Want to find out more about his #QbDream job? Make sure to read the interview below.
Marijn Bollema

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Let’s welcome Marijn to the QbD Board of Ambassadors of 2022! As a Validation Engineer, he has been working for 6 months at the QbD Group.

During his first months, he has lived the QbD experience to the fullest and learned how he can develop his further career within the QbD Group.

Curious about Marijn’s journey so far? Then be sure to read the short interview with our QbD Ambassador.

Hi Marijn! Could you please introduce yourself to us?

Marijn: Sure! My name is Marijn Bollema. I am 40 years old and was born and raised in Maastricht, The Netherlands. I’m living together with my fiancé, my dog (an Australian Shepherd), and three cats in Riemst, Belgium.

After obtaining my Bachelor’s degree in Applied Sciences in 2008, I have developed my skills and passion for life sciences in a GMP environment.

In my free time, I do lots of fun things. For example, I like spending time with my fiancé, family, and friends, walking in nature together with my dog, playing the piano, attending group lessons in the gym, taking ice baths or cold showers, meditating, … Furthermore, I’m a beautician specialized in acne!

What is your superpower within the QbD Group?

Marijn: I am a Validation Engineer at Estée Lauder in Oevel. Over the years I gained experience in different roles at several GMP companies (Process Development, Manufacturing, Quality Control, and Quality Assurance).

My interests are very broad and I’m eager to learn new things. Therefore, I accepted my new role as a Validation engineer at Estée Lauder with great enthusiasm. My experience helps me to understand the process and to detect pitfalls at an early stage.

"Becoming a QbD Ambassador for 2022 gives me the opportunity to get to know QbD even better and represent QbD in the Netherlands."

How did your QbD journey start?

Marijn: Based on my experience in the GMP field and my latest success to implement a functional QMS system for an ATMP start-up company, I wanted to further broaden my knowledge.

After an interesting conversation with a QbD’er about consultancy, I took the opportunity to send my resume via LinkedIn, expressing my interest in working as a consultant for QbD. I was hired and started in November 2021 as a CAPA process owner at Pfizer in Puurs.

How is your journey going so far and what about future opportunities?

Marijn: My journey started as a CAPA process owner at Pfizer, to get the CAPA process back on track. After that, I started my second project at Estée Lauder as a Validation Engineer which gives me the opportunity to broaden my knowledge in the field of Qualification and Validation.

Becoming a QbD Ambassador for 2022 gives me the opportunity to get to know QbD even better and represent QbD in the Netherlands.

What are the most memorable projects you have been working on?

Marijn: I only finished my first project at Pfizer which was completely remote. Therefore, it was a memorable challenge. 

After working remotely, I concluded that I missed going to work, having talks with colleagues, and doing practical work. In my current position at Estée Lauder, this is all covered, so I want to make this a success and gain even more memorable moments.

What is your most joyful memory at the QbD Group?

Marijn: The warm welcome I got when I signed my contract. I wanted to sign it in real life, and coincidentally there was a BBQ held that day. It was a nice opportunity to get to know the other QbD’ers and listen to their experiences.

"The QbD Group is different because it makes you feel the warmth of the company's values."

Can you think of 3 reasons why it's great to be a QbD'er?

Marijn: The QbD Group is different because:

  • It is the right place to continuously improve yourself.
  • It is a great knowledge center.
  • It makes you feel the warmth of the company’s values.

Thanks for the interesting insights on your #QbDream job. Enjoy your QbD journey!

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