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Meet QbD Ambassador and Device Compliance Specialist Catarina Cruz

At QbD, we value the opinion of our employees. Therefore, QbD’s Board of Ambassadors was formed to represent the voice of all QbD'ers, across the QbD Group and across all borders. Catarina Cruz has been elected as one of our Ambassadors for 2022. Congratulations! As an Ambassador, Catarina loves to share how she experiences working at QbD. Want to find out more about her #QbDream job? Make sure to read the interview below.
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Let’s welcome Catarina to the QbD Board of Ambassadors of 2022! As a Device Compliance Specialist, she has been working for 1 year at Qarad now, a consulting firm that is part of the QbD Group.

During her first year, she has had the opportunity to experience what it is like to be a QbD’er and how she can develop her further career within the QbD Group.

Curious about Catarina’s journey so far? Then be sure to read the short interview with our QbD Ambassador.

Hi Catarina! Could you please introduce yourself to us?

Catarina: Yes, of course! My name is Catarina Cruz, born and raised in the beautiful north of Portugal. Since 2018, I’m making the lovely city of Gent my home.

I am a biochemist with an MSc in Clinical Analysis. Laboratory diagnostics are therefore my professional cup of tea.

In my free time, you can find me in the gym, or holding a racket (from tennis to padel or badminton) a good book, or my camera. I also like to combine the latter with a suitcase and my passport, while exploring new places!

What is your superpower within the QbD Group?

Catarina: I am a Device Compliance Specialist for in vitro diagnostic devices (IVDs). This means I assist IVD manufacturers around the globe to comply with the current IVD Regulation (IVDR) by writing and reviewing the technical documentation supporting the performance and usefulness of their devices.

By doing so, my team and I help bringing innovative devices to the market and make them accessible to patients and healthcare professionals.

"Joining the QbD Group opened up a world of opportunities, thanks to the wealth of resources, project diversity, and well-rounded group of companies."

How did your QbD journey start?

Catarina: I joined Qarad in April 2021 as a Scientific Affairs Specialist. I realized that a career in medical writing would be the best fit for me in Life Sciences, so I did not hesitate to apply.

Six months later, my QbD journey started with the surprising announcement that Qarad would become part of the QbD group. I saw this as an opportunity to experience the vibrant culture of an ever-growing company, which hasn’t disappointed me six months later.

How is your journey going so far and what about future opportunities?

Catarina: Joining the QbD Group opened up a world of opportunities, thanks to the wealth of resources, project diversity, and well-rounded group of companies.

Within the QbD Group, you can experience that to the fullest as soon as you realize you want something new. Having all these possibilities at your fingertips is very valuable.

What are the most memorable projects you have been working on?

Catarina: My most memorable project so far was writing clinical performance reports for fluorescence in situ (FISH) probes for Abbott Molecular, in the United States.

It was a nine-month time investment and a huge learning opportunity that brought the best returns of all: knowledge, customer satisfaction, and their desire to come back to us for more!

What is your most joyful memory at the QbD Group?

Catarina: The QbD Group always makes sure we have fun, for example when they organized the Family Day at the Antwerp Zoo. 

I will cherish this day as I had not seen some of my colleagues for a long time, and we were completely surrounded by wildlife. It was great to experience all of this together with my partner, he enjoyed it too!

"The QbD Group is different because it values and respects the wellbeing and individuality of each person."

Can you think of 3 reasons why it's great to be a QbD'er?

Catarina: The QbD Group is different because:

  • It hosts a familiar and cozy environment while keeping a growth mindset.
  • It values and respects the well-being and individuality of each person.
  • Its one-of-a-kind company culture is incredibly difficult to match.

Thanks for the interesting insights on your #QbDream job. Enjoy your QbD journey!

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