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Meet QbD Ambassador and Clinical Pharmacology & Pharmacometrics project lead Thomas Van Looy

At the QbD Group, we want to take into account the opinion of our employees. Therefore, our Board of Ambassadors was elected to represent the voice of all QbD’ers, within and outside of the group. Thomas Van Looy has been elected as one of our Ambassadors for 2022. Congratulations, Thomas! As an Ambassador, he loves to share his QbD Group experiences. Want to find out more about Thomas’ #QbDream job? Then don’t miss out on the interview below.

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Let’s welcome Thomas to the QbD Board of Ambassadors of 2022! As a Clinical Pharmacology and Pharmacometrics Project lead, he has been working for 8 months at the QbD Group.

During his first months, he has lived the QbD experience to the fullest and learned how he can develop his further career within the QbD Group.

Curious about Thomas’ journey so far? Then be sure to read the short interview with our QbD Ambassador.

Hi Thomas! Could you shortly introduce yourself to us?

Thomas: Definitely! My name is Thomas Van Looy. I am from Herentals, which is in ‘De Kempen’, the most beautiful region in Belgium. I live there together with my wife and two kids. In my spare time, I enjoy sports as I am the hockey coach of my children’s team in Herentals. From a professional point of view, I started working for QbD Clinical in September 2021. Currently, I am fully outsourced as a Clinical Pharmacology and Pharmacometrics project lead at Janssen Pharmaceutica NV.

What is your superpower within the QbD Group?

Thomas: I have more than 5 years of experience in managing Phase 1 clinical trials in the pharmaceutical sector. As a Clinical Pharmacology and Pharmacometrics project lead, I am performing the project management in all therapeutic areas related to e.g. protocol, analysis of study results (Pharmacokinetics, Pharmacodynamics) and submission of those results to the regulating authorities.

 These steps from the first human trial to the submission of a dossier for approval are all of utmost importance in bringing new therapies to patients, their caregivers and families worldwide. This way, I feel like my job is really making a difference in this world. Maybe that is what ‘superpower’ truly means? 

"It almost feels like being together in a sports team, fighting for a joint goal such as being the next world champion."

How did your QbD journey start?

Thomas: Well, until last year I was employed at Galapagos, a Belgian biotech company. Unfortunately, because of a reorganization project impacting the phase I activities, I needed to look for a new opportunity.

Currently, there are a lot of open vacancies in the pharmaceutical sector, and I had a lot of interviews. One way or another, QbD Clinical stood out and attracted me. I immediately felt that at the QbD Group, the employees’ work-life balance is very important. Yet, the company is also ambitious. It almost feels like being together in a sports team, fighting for a joint goal such as being the next world champion.

It’s unique to feel this kind of atmosphere, considering that a lot of colleagues are doing completely different things at various clients, in different parts of the world. This is something to be proud of as a QbD’er.

How is your journey going so far and what about future opportunities?

Thomas: I haven’t regretted my choice for the QbD Group for a second. I feel respected and enjoy the great benefits. Furthermore, QbD Clinical made sure to look for a project suiting my talents, expertise and wishes. 

I just started my current project at Janssen Pharmaceutica NV in September 2021 and I’m still learning and enjoying it every day. This project is focusing in-depth on some of the areas where I can further develop myself. The world of clinical trials is like a team sport: you can learn a lot in every position and become a more complete player every day.

In conclusion, I don’t have concrete plans for the future at the moment, but I think my journey in clinical trials will continue for many years.

What are the most memorable projects you have been working on?

ThomasIn my career I have been working on certain oncology trials targeting cancers that have impacted some of my friends and family. To me, all the hard work and every little success in those projects felt like they were my way to make sure that they, and other impacted people, have better or additional therapeutic options to be cured, or have more time with their friends and family.

What is your most joyful memory at the QbD Group?

Thomas: Recently, a QbD Clinical colleague left the company to spend more time with his family. The respect and warmth that I witnessed from colleagues during his farewell was confirming my feeling that I did the right thing when choosing QbD Clinical as my next challenge.

"The QbD Group is different because it provides the support, the framework and the environment you need to do what you love and to enjoy it."

Can you think of 3 reasons why it's great to be a QbD'er?

Thomas: The QbD Group is different because:

  • we always want to go the extra mile, not only professionally, but also outside of work, creating a great team spirit (e.g. sports, charity support, …).
  • it provides the support, the framework and the environment you need to do what you love and to enjoy it.
  • it gives everyone a chance to be the voice of the company. For example, the company gave me and some other colleagues the chance to become ambassadors and to embody this in our own, unique way.

Thanks for the interesting insights on your #QbDream job. Enjoy your QbD journey!

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