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QbD & TRIUM’s 10Y International Sports Challenge: a mix of fun, exercise, and team spirit!

Sports have always been an essential part of QbD and TRIUM’s DNA. So - to celebrate both our 10-year anniversaries – we came up with an exciting event combining all of these values: our 10Y International Sports Challenge! Read all about it here.
QbD & TRIUM 10Y International Sports Challenge - 9

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Sports, competitiveness, team spirit, joy and social responsibility have always been an essential part of QbD and TRIUM’s DNA. So – to celebrate both our 10-year anniversaries – we came up with an exciting event combining all of these values: our 10Y International Sports Challenge!

For four weeks – from 14/06 until 11/07 – we put our best foot forwards to complete the challenge and had a blast. Read all about it below!

The International Sports Challenge

We engaged QbD and TRIUM colleagues all over the world to participate in the International Sports Challenge: QbD Benelux, France, Spain, Colombia, Mexico and more. The more, the merrier!

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The challenge was to collect 210 kilometers on a weekly basis in teams of 6 colleagues max. An ideal way for all of our colleagues to work together, get in touch, get to know each other’s strengths and weaknesses, and support one another in a healthy and coronaproof way after many lockdowns!

BUT there was one catch when it came to collecting those 210 kilometers… Every week, during these 4 weeks, each team had to:

cycle 120 km

run 60 km

walk 30 km

Performances were tracked by connecting our favorite sports or activity apps (e.g. Fitbit, Strava & Pacer) to the KeepMoving platform, an online sports platform for companies with progress bars per team (member) and leaderboards.

QbD & TRIUM 10Y International Sports Challenge - KeepMoving Platform

Some took the open roads and cycled, ran or walked for hours…

Others stayed at home and mowed their lawn… (Walking is walking!) Bonus points for creativity, Dries!

QbD & TRIUM 10Y International Sports Challenge
QbD & TRIUM 10Y International Sports Challenge - 4

But they all did a great job! (We’ve got LOTS of thumbs-ups and power poses to prove it!)

4 weeks, 4 different charities

The icing on the cake? Each week, a different charity benefited from the efforts of our teams. A weekly charity workout, if you will! In this way, we supported:

Hubi & Vinciane Foundation in Benin

Week 1: Hubi & Vinciane Foundation (Benin)

The Hubi & Vinciane foundation strives for a better and more dignified life for the people of Benin through an integrated approach in health, education, and agriculture.

The development of basic health care in Benin has been one of the main objectives of the Hubi & Vinciane Foundation since the beginning.

To help the doctors and their patients in a very concrete way, QdD will donate funds to provide surgical equipment for hospitals after completing the challenge.

Haz feliz a un nino in Colombia

Week 2: Feliz a un niño (Colombia)

Every year, our QbD Colombia team, their family, clients, and friends collect funds and donate hundreds of toys, clothes, and briefcases to children in vulnerable communities, as they are the future of society.

We'll organize a day of fun activities for them with food and entertainment. At the end of the day, they all receive a gift with a lovely, encouraging note. The smiles on their faces and the love they give back are priceless.

Mondiale Werken Regio Lier

Week 3: Residential Assistance for Refugees (Lier)

Mondiale Werken Regio Lier (MoWe), is a volunteer organization founded in 2016 and active in 15 municipalities in the province of Antwerp.

150 volunteers support asylum seekers, refugees, homeless people and people in a vulnerable position. They work on 15 different projects: educational projects, housing assistance, employment assistance, forms assistance, etc.

QbD supports the establishment of a digi-point where people in a vulnerable situation can get very accessible digital help.

KVG group for people with disabilities

Week 4: KVG group for people with disabilities (Belgium)

The KVG Group is a warm association of and for people with disabilities and their families in Flanders. The KVG group has many faces and activities.

In September, they will celebrate their 75th anniversary and QbD will support that event with a custom photo booth.

What did we accomplish?

With about 30 teams and 165 participants, we managed to collect a whopping 32.217 km during these 4 weeks. (Almost 7.000 km more than the goal we stated!)

22.468 km by cycling

5.172 km by running

4.577 km by walking

On average:

  • we collected 1.269 km per day
  • each participant collected 215,4 km

We were active for 211.368 minutes. That’s 146 days, 18 hours, and 48 minutes in total!

In other words: we burned a lot of pizzas!

As for competitiveness, every week was a neck-and-neck race between the teams at the top of the leaderboard. The top 5 teams after week 4?

  1. Team 22: Martha, Simon, Heleen, Pieter & Michiel (2.682 km)
  2. Team 32: Bart, Martijn, Elly, Magdaleen, Tom & Christof (2.317 km)
  3. Team 6: Lenne, Daan, Ann-Sophie, Valentina, Luis Alfonso & Jan (1.791 km)
  4. Team 14: Leen, Astrid, Frederick, Felix, Lotte & Jose (1.357 km)
  5. Team 18: Peter, Valerie, Gita, Liesbeth, Roy (1.323 km)

Congratulations, and thanks for putting the C in Challenge!

Challenge or not: keep moving!

We’d like to thank all participants for going the extra mile! And to all others, participants and non-participants alike, we’d like to say: don’t forget to keep moving! Be like Wim (below), be sporty. (But take off your cap afterward…)

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